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I am both an artist and a writer, as such, I have split the content of my website into two main sections, one for each. This website is not only a place for me to share my creativity with the world, and raise funds for a wonderful charity, but to showcase my work as a portfolio.

Please visit my store to purchase handpainted plaques, posters, prints and t-shirts in my designs.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and explore my creativity.


Supporting S4K

In October 2012 I started watching Stargate SG1 at the behest of my best friend, she had told me about a character, Samantha Carter, and how amazing she was. It took about six months, and a twitterfeed full of AT6 to get me to watch it. I decided that as my friend wanted to meet Amanda and go to AT7, I would make it happen for her.

I fell in love with Stargate SG1, Atlantis, and Sanctuary, the more I read about Amanda Tapping the more inspired I was. I discovered her charity Sanctuary for Kids and wonderd if I could help raise funds in some way. In mid 2013 I started creating a few digital images themed upon Stargate and Sanctuary. By late 2013 I had started making small handpainted plaques, and sold my first one in November 2013.

I created a larger oka plaque with a Stargate and Sanctuary design using pyrograpyh. At AT7 it sold in the charity auction for £680. I was completely overwhelemed. Three of my digital paintings, printed as gloss A2 posters, sold for a total of £85 on the same day.

The thanks and the appreciation for my work was touching and inspiring. I have never had a lot of confidence in myself and having someone bid that much for my work was lifting. At AT7 I found a home, a family, a place where I was accepted for who I am, where I didn't have to hide or apologise for myself. Having been bullied all my youth, this was an entirely new concept for me to come to terms with, I still can't believe how loving everyone was. It gave me the courage to broaden my horizons and expand my fundraising.

I have added a store to this website to allow customers to purchase my artwork directly from me. A section is dedicated directly to raising money for Sanctuary for Kids, where 75% of sales is donated to the charity. I discovered my calling at AT7, to use my gifts to raise money for those less fortunate. Please explore my store and help me to help Sanctuary for Kids, and the wonderful causes they support.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, Laura Cameron, Beatrice Lang, Carmen Heeger, Joke Van Leare, Fran Ogden, Kristen Lekang Hoiby, Lorna Wood, Sharon Ton, Dorris, Donna and Julia, Becca Ford, Jenn Scheffler, all at Table 8, the S&J Shippers on Gateworld, and my family.

About me as an artist.

I am a graduate artist and writer. I regularly stop to admire a view or find myself fascinated by the aesthetic design, colour or mood of something around me. I take inspiration from my surroundings, people I pass in the street, snippets of conversation I hear, the weather, the sky, the architecture of buildings or structures around me.

To me, everything is inspirational. The run-down buildings behind my place of work, overgrown with weeds and bushes, and littered with waste, became a dingy inncer-city alleyway, the setting of an opening scene to a story.

I design and paint canvases on commision, each design and colour scheme is tailored to meet my clients needs. My current commision is a digital painting of the Prometheus, an interstellar warship, from Stargate-SG1.

I am also very interested in digital media, flash animation, video and photo manipulation. My third year undergraduate exhibition installation was an audio and visual piece discussing anorexia. I explored the effects this illness has on family members. The finished video is avaliable in the graphic art section.

The appearance of online tools, such as instaprint and redbubble, for artists and photographers to share and sell their work is of great interest to me, these platforms should be encouraged and utlised to their full potential.

I have been writing since I was very young and have always had a vivid imagination. My passion for creating complex and intriguing stories led me to join an online community and participate in the art of fanfiction.

I have been writing fanfiction for several years now, purely for pleasure and as a creative outlet through university.

I completed a Masters Degree in Television Scriptwriting and discovered that my love of writing is more than that of a source of personal pleasure. Creating a story and having people read it and want to know the end has spurned me on. My dream would be to create a crime or sci-fi series. First thing's first though, I have to keep writing and take the first step - getting an agent.

I live and breathe art and design, and writing. My goal is for my hobbies to become my job, to spend my time, and make money from, my creative pursuits..

Neverendingimagination x